Well, I'm not going to lie, my first passion is music, but photography runs a close second. And I try my hardest to mesh both together as much as possible. But my journey down the road of photography can easily be blamed by being exposed to photo gear at a very early age. As far back as I can remember my father was always taking pictures (on film) and spending hours in the darkroom (our bathroom) developing them. Wait, let me change that; I'd like to pass the blame off on all the developing chemicals I was exposed to growing up. Maybe they seeped into my brain and formed the desire to create photographs.

And creating photographs is what I enjoy doing. Thousands of people take pictures everyday, but my passion is building a picture from the ground up,  building a scene.


A scene that someone might look at, and feel as if they are viewing a portal into another place, dimension, or time. And maybe even convey the feeling that they are witnessing one of the most important events going on at that particular moment.

But like most arts, not everything will appeal to everyone. But if I can create that one image, that one scene, that you find absolutely amazing, then I feel that my mission has been accomplished. 


The Break Down

 I've been shooting since I was in elementary school with my first 110 camera. It was a glorious Kodak/Fisher Price blue rubberized camera, and I went through roll after roll of 110 film and flash bulb strips. Through the years I have slowly graduated from various film and digital point-and-shoots, to now shooting Nikon DSLR's.

In 2008 a longtime friend, Eric Garcia, and I decided to combine our shared passion and formed SilverPlastik Photography as a portal for the business side of our art. We specialize in family, portrait, fashion, commercial, and live event photography, but we can also shoot everything else that falls in between. If you have a need for photo work, we can cover all you bases. Our goal is to not only offer our clients quality photos, but to build a relationship with our clients, and make it a smooth, relaxed, enjoyable experience.

As far as credentials go, I'm not one to list and boast my personal achievements. I'd rather let my portfolio do the talking for the quality of work I do. Although I have done work for several Fortune 500 companies, publications across Texas, and a few major label recording artist.

Do I consider myself a professional photographer? What qualifies someone as a professional in an art form that has a million aspects, styles, and techniques? It seems that I still learn something new everyday. I make it my goal to know my gear, both new and old, inside and out, and what it is capable of.

                The Sum 

 My goal is to create the image, the scene, that you have had in your head. The more experimental, imaginative, and crazy the better. Please take a look around, and if you would like to get together and create something special, don't hesitate to contact me.

-Dustin -01.17.11