fort worth senior photography

Jonna - Northwest High School - Class of 2013

Well little did I know that doing a shoot with Taylor would lead me to also doing a shoot with Jonna; Taylor's BFF, sister from another mother, eternal life mate. These two are chaos on their own, but get them together and it's a category 5 non-stop laugh riot ripping through the Texas panhandle. Saying this shoot was fun is a complete understatement.

Like Taylor, Jonna got the full treatment from Natalie Alana for hair and makeup before we headed out. And as usual, Natalie did a fantastic job!

From the Old Public Market to Sundance Square, Jonna kept me on my toes. But one of my favorite stops was the Fort Worth Public Library where Jonna's passion of books came into play. More then once did I loose her to the books she had in hand, having to shake her back to reality! 

The shoot culminated with the unveiling of the new Northwest High School band uniforms in Sundance Square. Jonna, thank you for allowing me to be the first person to shoot you in your new uniform and your sacred Shako! Thanks for an amazing shoot, and for you and Taylor keeping a smile on my face the whole time. I wish you the best for your senior year, and hope you enjoy every second of it!

Cheers Jonna, Northwest class of 2013!

Taylor - Northwest High School - Class of 2013

When I got together with Taylor and her parents for her pre-session consult, I knew we were going to have some fun. Video games, comic books, and marching band this session was right up my alley and every boy's dream! But wait, Taylor is a girl, and we need her to look cute and magnificent while in these rad locations... 

Well that was no problem for hair and makeup extraordinaire Natalie Alana, who took Taylor for beautiful to magnificent at the blink of an eye. Not only was I super impressed, but both her mom and dad were floored. Thank you Natalie! 

But honestly all props go to Taylor for being a trooper, having some amazing ideas while out on the shoot, and being a truly unique gem. I had an amazing time while we were out, and I want to say thanks for allowing me to shoot her senior pics. Enjoy this time in your life,  because before you know it, it's a distant memory.

Cheers Taylor, Northwest Class of 2013!

Boba Fett - The Galaxies Most Notorious Bounty Hunter

Let the geek out begin:

When the galaxies most notorious bounty hunter gives you a call about updating his head shots and portfolio because he's thinking about entering the world of online dating, you don't tell him no. I didn't feel like becoming a slave for one of the Hutts or a meal for the Sarlacc. Unlike some in the Alliance, I fear and respect Boba Fett, and if he needs new photos for his portfolio, then I'm glad to be of service to him.

Like most boys born in the late 70's, I was and will always be, a Star Wars fan. Sure Episodes I-III are no where near as good as the original trilogy, but I can fight through them. It's more about the lore and the literary universe surrounding it now that has become more intriguing then the films. There's also the Clone Wars cartoons that my son and I enjoy watching, and they are actually pretty well written. But I digress....

Every since I first saw the Empire Strikes Back in 1980 I was drawn to the ice-cold-coolness of Boba Fett. He quickly became my favorite character. So when I heard that my cousin was acquiring all the pieces to complete a full costume, I knew a photo shoot had to go down. Plus it would give me a chance to work on some different compositing techniques and new editing styles. None of these images are HDR, just straight editing using the NIK software suite.

Special thanks to Andre Pagan and his bad ass set of armor. Hopefully this isn't the last time we shoot Boba Fett's antics around the D/FW area.

Geek time over, I think.... 

This is it.....

This is the my new home on the interwebs, I like to call it Plastik Object Version 3.0. The layout has changed, the old blog entries are gone, but some may return over the course of the next few months. Time is always what balances that decision out.

So for I ask for a little patience as I slowly get all systems back up and running, and hopefully there will soon be a nice steady flow of blog entries . I know I have a lot to post and get caught up on. Until then thanks for swinging by and checking out the new place, house warming gifts are always appreciated.