Rita and A New Arrival Just Around the Corner

A few months ago when Rita asked me to shoot her maternity photos, I instantly said yes and ideas began racing through my head. Little did I know at the time that we would be returning to Niles City.

Now some people may think that Niles City is a rather odd and dangerous place to take an expectant mother, well then you probably don't know Rita. Even with a 7 month belly, nothing would scare her or stand in her way! She wanted a place that was rustic and old with a little bit of charm, and after showing her Lyndsey & John's engagement shoot from Niles City, the location was pretty much set. I can't think of a better rustic location to contrast a glowing and radiant expecting mother. And let's not forget Ava running around in her cute little outfits having the time of her life. Niles City might be the biggest playground for kids of all ages in Tarrant County. Was it dangerous? Yes. Were we safe? Yes. Did we have fun? Of course! But more importantly, did we accomplish what we set out to do? A big yes to that!

I want to thank Rita and her husband Chad for choosing me to shoot their maternity photos for them. I wish nothing but the best for them and the little addition they are bringing to their family!