Memphis May Fire @ The Aardvark 2.13.11

I wasn't sure what to expect from Memphis May Fire as I headed toward the Aardvark in Fort Worth. I'd heard their latest EP, 'Between the Lies', and the track they contributed to the Saw 6 soundtrack, 'Ghost in the Mirror', but I hadn't seen them live. I was intrigued on how they would pull this material, a mesh of hardcore-metal-electronica, off live. About two minutes into their set, all my questions were set at ease.
Playing infront of a "nut-to-butt" crowd, Memphis May Fire erupted with a ferocity and precession that a lot of bands in the Post-Hardcore genre could learn a lot from. From the first note, all the way till they exited the stage, there was little time to catch your breath. Their set blew by me in a blur and kept me longing for more. I look forward to seeing them again, and hopefully soon.

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