The Debut of Double Barrel Bastards @ Bronco's 3.5.11

Part two of Saturday night's festivities was the much anticipated debut of Double Barrel Bastards. Over the past few months, the five pictured above, have been getting together in their free time, away from their main bands, to brew up some Southern Metal. From the viciousness that Fritz unleashed that was reminiscent of his days fronting Speakeasy, to the dueling harmonic guitars from Johnson and Stubbs, to the mellifluent rhythm of Grin and Travis, the band exploded on stage and failed to disappoint. I've attended a few of their practices (see previous posts for pics) and sort of expected what I was going to see, but I was quickly caught off guard and really impressed by what they had put together. My only complaint; their set was over way to quick, but I have a feeling that will change with time.


Afterwards, to help celebrate his birthday, Bobzilla (Damageplan, Hellyeah) along with Little Ruben, and Travis Denham jumped on stage and threw together an impromptu performance of Bark at the Moon and Number of the Beast.


And at 2am the mischief began: