Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Tryouts 2011

On May 15, the Dallas Cowboys began their 3 week quest to fill the 2011-2012 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader roster. Over 500 hopefuls tried out for the 15 available spots, beginning with group freestyle dance, then being dwindled down for individual sessions for the semi-finals and finals. Being the level headed professionals that Eric and I are, we found it to be our duty to head out and document the event to the best of our ability. Don't get me wrong, this was an extremely challenging shoot to cover, but someone had to do it. These are a few selections from my camera.

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Super Bowl Week - Adrian Peterson's Wrap Up Party @ The Grey Goose Lounge

Well a fun and interesting week had to come to an end, and there's no better way to wrap it up then returning to the Grey Goose Lounge and hanging out with Adrian Peterson, Mark Ingram, and a few hundred of their friends. The Super Bowl was over, and Greenbay was once again victorius, but when the doors closed at 4am, the Grey Goose Lounge would be packing up and moving on after a week of extremly fun debouchery. (25 Pictures)

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