DOMA Showcase 2011: The Burning Hotels

Local indie pop/sex wave darlings The Burning Hotels capped off my evening Saturday night with there midnight performance at Trees. I believe I've gone on record at least once or twice before with saying that these guys are one of my favorite bands in North Texas, and if you haven't had a chance to catch them live yet, well your really missing out. Their set Saturday was fantastic, and possibly the most aggressive I have ever seen them. In fact there were a few points that I feared one of their instruments was going to meet it's untimely demise.

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DOMA Showcase 2011: The Toadies

Wrapping up the main stage activities on Saturday night was Fort Worths' own, the Toadies. And as the first notes of I Come From The Water rang out, it quickly became evident that they weren't there to pace through another set. Instantly the air became electric and the crowd was easily whipped up into a fist pumping craze which helped feed the aggression of the band. It was becoming clear that this night was going to be a special night in DFW music history, not to mention the sports history that was being made by the Rangers on the Jumbo-Tron across from the stage.


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DOMA Showcase 2011: The Old 97's

The Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase was held this past Saturday and over 50 bands played on 10 different stages through out Deep Ellum. The Main stage hosted Sarah Jaffe, Centro-Matic, the Old 97's and the Toadies while directly across from the stage the Texas Rangers were playing game 6 on a large portable jumbotron. It was a fantastic evening, and all bases were covered, no pun intended.

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