Tiffany's Amazing Bridals

Time to play catch up, because I've been falling down on the job with this blog. The truth is I've been extremely busy and haven't had time to sit down and figure out exactly how I want this blog to look with all the changes Squarespace has made going to version 6.

But it's time to bite the bullet and just jump right in, and I can't imagine a better way to kick it off then with an amazing bridal session I had with Tiffany. There are some shoots you go out on and everything just fits; the subject, the environment, the props, etc, and this happend to be one of those perfect instances of everything fitting. Tiffany and her husband Quinton have a fondness for Prohibition Era gangsters and outlaws, so trying to find a shooting location in the DFW area that would  best suite that feeling proved to be pretty tricky. But after a little bit of looking around, she found a perfect location down in Deep Ellum. From there, everything was a piece of cake, because  when it comes down to it, what's better then shooting a beautiful bride and a Thompson machine gun?

Special thanks to Becky Ellis and Jennifer Schneider for their assitance and making this shoot run smooth!