Gentri in Palo Duro Canyon

The saying goes - "Good things come to those who wait."

Well I have a confession: I've been meaning to post this set of pics for a few months now. But I do have my reasons. For one, I've been wrapped up in Summer weddings, and two, I really couldn't narrow down my favorite pics. One of the down falls of shooting in new locations and with a stunning subject is that you become attached to the shots. This shoot generated over 1500 pics and sorting through them became a nightmare.

Gentri on the other hand was fantastic. It's always great to work with someone with an amazing attitude, that has the flexibility for anything you throw at them, and is absolutely stunning!

 With no plans and no direction we headed out into the mouth of Palo Duro canyon, just downstream from Lake Tanglewood. The evening sun was entering the blue hour but the first heavy rain that Amarillo had seen in months was quickly approaching. So we went in, worked fast, and made it back out before we got stuck down in the canyon.

In all it was a fantastic shoot, and working with Gentri was great. I'm super pleased with what we got acomplished in such short time, especially without any plan. I can't wait to work with her again, hopefully it's not a year from now!


Once the rain began, we returned to the homestead to wrap up a fun filled afternoon.


There are so many more I want to post from this shoot, but alas, something are better kept private for the client. Thank you again to Gentri and her husband Todd, I'm at your disposal when needed!