Fort Worth

Erin's Bridals - A Modern Girl With A Bit of Vintage Charm


About couple of months ago Lisa gave me a call and told me to take the day off and come shoot some bridals with her. I agreed, but was a little confused on what the big deal was. Had I known that, a) we were going to be shooting the extremely elegant Erin, and b) we were going to take over Bailey's Prime Plus for a couple of hours, well there never would have been any confusion to begin with. Erin is a true beauty, that one minute can embellish the essence of classic vogue, and the next minute be frolicking in contemporary chic.

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Gentri in Palo Duro Canyon

The saying goes - "Good things come to those who wait."

Well I have a confession: I've been meaning to post this set of pics for a few months now. But I do have my reasons. For one, I've been wrapped up in Summer weddings, and two, I really couldn't narrow down my favorite pics. One of the down falls of shooting in new locations and with a stunning subject is that you become attached to the shots. This shoot generated over 1500 pics and sorting through them became a nightmare.

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Lyndsey & John: Engaged in Niles City

It's always refreshing when a couple tells you that they want to break away from the mold of traditional engagement photos, and go somewhere "off the grid." It's also helps when your working with a creative, artistic, and easy going couple like Lyndsey and John. For their engagements we adventured deep into Niles City, climbing rubble and debris, dodging security, and avoiding the occasional vagrant. It was a long hot afternoon, that turned out being a lot of fun with pleasing results.

Congrats to the both of you on your engagement!


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This Isn't The Asylum I Was Looking For

On the north side of Fort Worth, where the city lines start merging into Saginaw, there's an abandoned building complex that has sat vacant for years. I drive by this building at least once a week wondering what the story is behind it, and my desire to get inside and shoot it increases more and more. I've been told several stories of what the complex had once been. They range from an asylum, a weapons factory, and even an orphanage during World War 2. 

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