Artopia Prints Are Available


Thank you to everyone that came out the Dallas Observer's Artopia 2010, it was a great night full of aural and visual arts from artist all over North Texas. A special thank you to everyone that purchased one of the prints I had available for sale. It's a great feeling knowing that one of your little babies is going to be hanging on the wall of someone else's home, hopefully bringing a little joy to their day.

If you wanted to purchase a print, but weren't able to make it out to Artopia, well I have some good news for you. I have a few left over! They are all signed and numbered matted 8x10's and the lower numbers will go at first come first serve. Each print was limited to only 8 prints each and are $20 a pop or get 3 prints for a smooth $50. (Final prints Do Not have a watermark.)

 I don't want to make things to difficult or deal with all the Paypal BS, so if your interested in getting a print or two just drop me a note at or send me a message on Facebook and we can make arrangements on getting one to you.


Reach For Me  - Sold Out



Overwatch - 5 Prints Available



The Colorado Truss - 5 Prints Available



Full Moon Tree - 4 Prints Available



Albany School House - 4 Prints Available


Goatman's Bridge -  2 Prints Available



I Am The Record Player - Sold Out


Thanks again!