Erin's Bridals - A Modern Girl With A Bit of Vintage Charm


About couple of months ago Lisa gave me a call and told me to take the day off and come shoot some bridals with her. I agreed, but was a little confused on what the big deal was. Had I known that, a) we were going to be shooting the extremely elegant Erin, and b) we were going to take over Bailey's Prime Plus for a couple of hours, well there never would have been any confusion to begin with. Erin is a true beauty, that one minute can embellish the essence of classic vogue, and the next minute be frolicking in contemporary chic.

It's also nice to have a client that knows exactly what she wants. The locations, Bailey's Prime Plus and the where the ceremony was going to be held, Fort Worth YWCA, were Erin's idea. But it hadn't been set in stone until Erin was having dinner in Bailey's one evening and *snap* it all clicked in place. Personally I don't know if it could have come together any better. 

It's been extremely hard to keep these under wraps until the wedding, because this is easily one of my favorite bridal sessions. Thank you Erin for letting us come out and document this day for you, and thank you Lisa for demanding that I take the day off to be there! 

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