Amber & Cody - The Greatest Love on Earth

This year has been packed full of interesting weddings with unique themes and locations, but when Lisa told me that we were going to be shooting a Vintage Circus themed wedding, I knew that this was going to be a spectacular event. Inspired by the movie Water for Elephants, Amber and Cody enlisted the help of their family and friends to help transform the Willow Lake Wedding Gardens into the sight of the Greatest Love On Earth. They built everything from

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Stefani and Patrick - A Storybook Wedding - 9/17/11


When Lisa, Eric, and I began our little journey out to Jacksonville, Texas, I wasn't sure what to expect, nor was I quite ready for the excitement we had ahead of us.

First off, the bar was already set high after shooting Stefani's bridals at the McKinney Cotton Mill. That shoot ended up being one of those epic shoots where the bride just fits perfectly with the location she's being shot in, and it's easily one of the best shoots I've done. So when I was told that the wedding was taking place in East Texas, near Jacksonville I became intrigued. When I was told the place was called Castle on the Lake my curiosity peeked.


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