Amber & Cody - The Greatest Love on Earth

This year has been packed full of interesting weddings with unique themes and locations, but when Lisa told me that we were going to be shooting a Vintage Circus themed wedding, I knew that this was going to be a spectacular event. Inspired by the movie Water for Elephants, Amber and Cody enlisted the help of their family and friends to help transform the Willow Lake Wedding Gardens into the sight of the Greatest Love On Earth. They built everything from scratch; Beer taps, photo booth, photo board, moustaches, and countless custom decorations. It was easy to see that they put not only their sweat and time into this wedding, but also their love for the bride and groom. It's always amazing to see this level of outpouring, Amber and Cody are truly surrounded by amazing family and friends. And on top of that, Amber and Cody were truly meant for each other. You can see it, and being around them you can feel it. Two peas in a pod.

I could keep going on and on about how great this evening was, but pictures are always better. So without further ado, "I present to you in the center ring, the Strong Man and the Lead Lady, as they perform in the sensational spectacle, The Greatest Love On Earth!" 

And my favorite pic of the evening, Amber and Cody's final dance of the night:

And the grand exit:


A huge congratulations to Amber and Cody, and thank you for allowing Lisa and I to be apart of your special day!

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