fort worth glamour photography

Jonna - Northwest High School - Class of 2013

Well little did I know that doing a shoot with Taylor would lead me to also doing a shoot with Jonna; Taylor's BFF, sister from another mother, eternal life mate. These two are chaos on their own, but get them together and it's a category 5 non-stop laugh riot ripping through the Texas panhandle. Saying this shoot was fun is a complete understatement.

Like Taylor, Jonna got the full treatment from Natalie Alana for hair and makeup before we headed out. And as usual, Natalie did a fantastic job!

From the Old Public Market to Sundance Square, Jonna kept me on my toes. But one of my favorite stops was the Fort Worth Public Library where Jonna's passion of books came into play. More then once did I loose her to the books she had in hand, having to shake her back to reality! 

The shoot culminated with the unveiling of the new Northwest High School band uniforms in Sundance Square. Jonna, thank you for allowing me to be the first person to shoot you in your new uniform and your sacred Shako! Thanks for an amazing shoot, and for you and Taylor keeping a smile on my face the whole time. I wish you the best for your senior year, and hope you enjoy every second of it!

Cheers Jonna, Northwest class of 2013!

2012 Fort Woth Volks Folks Meet

The 12th annual North Texas VW show rolled into the Lockheed Martin Recreational Area today with more then 300 Volkswagens entering the show, and a few hundred more spotted through out the parking lot. Each car required a $10 entry, with all the proceeds going to the Hope Center for Autism in Fort Worth.